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Snowkite Instruction

Lessons are given on a flat groomed snow packed surface. The lesson area is also separated from the general public to help beginner confidence.

All bookings and reservations should be made at the shop via e-mail or call (970) 485-3300

Safety is the primary responsibility of our certified instructors. Our goal is to make it yours too. After your lesson with Colorado Kite Force, demo kites will be available. The demo price will be subtracted from the retail price of the kite if you wish to purchase later. Let kiteboarding open the door to fun and adventure for you!

All beginner lessons start out on an IMP trainer Kite From Ozone.
Check out how easy it is for the whole family!

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2 Hour Beginner Ground School

This class will start at 11:00am at the Dillon Reservoir unless otherwise discussed. Our instructors clearly explain for everyone the fundamentals of kiting and what we call the "wind window". It's not just sailing or flying! We inform our student on as much background information as possible and show how snowkiting relates to kiteboarding on the water, because many have an interest to take their new sport to the beach. Once all questions have been answered we get out on the snow. We start of with a small kite (One that is not big enough to lift you off the ground, so don't worry!) The student will have the full ability to de-power and land the kite safely, as well as self launch almost right away. The goal is to get comfortable flying a 4 line power kite (could be a foil or inflatable), while still in your boots.

2 Hour Beginner Ski and Ride School

This class will begin at 1:00pm. You must first take the ground school class before ski and ride school. Unless you can demonstrate for the instructor the skills needed to move on from previous experiences. The next step is to get into your skis or (we recommend skis rather then a snowboard for the first time). But if you don't ski or have any we understand, and a snowboard will work just fine too. There are however a few more step to learn. the student will be taught how to speed up, slowdown and stop. How to turn around, and go upwind and down wind. The goal is to get back where you started from (yes even on the first day!) From this point it is up to the student on how much instruction they want or need. Many take right off and use the rest of the time as a Kite demo or rental. Others may need the instructors assistance for the remainder of the day. And thats what we're there for to make sure you're you safe, informed and ha ving a great time. Don't worry their is no written test at the end!

Hope to see you out there.

Book it! Beginner Snowkite Lesson (4 Hours)
This lesson is a combiniation of both of our 2 hour beginner snow kite lessons:2 hour Ground School and the 2hr Ski and Ride. Use this lesson to jumpstart your kiting career!

Advance Lesson

Our advanced lessons our catered towards each individuals needs. Most are only a half hour to an hour and if more time is needed or wanted we recommend returning another day after practicing your new skills on your own. But of course we will continue all instruction if the client desires for any reason.

Most advanced lessons are first timers on the snow, but have previous kiting expirence on the water. (from novice to expert) We highly recomend water kiters take at least a half hour lesson. We do things differently on the snow! This will prevent all the common mistakes and keep you from looking like a rookie. I have heard "taking a lesson on snow after years of kiting on water was the smartest thing I've done in a while. It gave me piece of mind I would do anything dumb" " It was just like learning to kite and ride for the first time all over again… What a new and exciting rush!"

Kite Camp

This is the whole shabang... Weather a total beginner or just want someone to watch over you for 3 days. We will get you from zero to feeling like a hero. Includes lessons and rentals during the 3 day progression. Your own equipment can be used and we encourage getting familiar with your personal gear. Days do not have to be consecutive. But must be in the same winter season.

What should you bring?

Basically you will want to bring what ever you would take skiing or snowboarding. If you do both we recommend starting out on skiis, it's much easier!

Here are some things we recomend:
Hat, Helmet, Gloves, Goggles, skiis or snowboard and boots. Don't forget to bring energy snacks and water or something for hydration! Suprisingly you will sweat a lot. There are no chairlifts to cool down on. We recomend wearing layers that can be removed with a wind proof shell on top. Then when you are all done you will want to change into some dry clothes or put on more layers again.


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For same day availability please call 970-485-3300

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