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December 30th 2009: Colorado Kite Force has become the first and only snowkite certified IKO affilated School.

December 29th 2009:
Dillon Reservoir has frozen! We have had exceptionally cold temperatures, leading to an early freeze on the lake!

There might still be some soft spots, so use caution. We have only had sporadic snow, so be careful out there!

Colorado Kite Force will host an ITC/IEC January 28-31st in Dillon, Colorado.
IKOThere are only 8 Instructor Training course (ITC) positions available and 2 instructor Equivalency Course (IEC) positions available for the course. The course is in demand and will fill up so don't delay and be one of the first on the registry. Registration will close December 28th or sooner if the course fills up.

Please contact Anton and Colorado Kite Force for more information or to reserve your spot. email or call 970-485-2296.

1/5/09 - The lake froze over completely on Christmas this year.
Now with plenty of cold temps and a ton of snow are gearing up for a great 2009. The lake is solid with at least a foot of ice.

1/15/09 - Don't Forget this years Annual Therapy Sessions will be March 6 7& 8.

9/15/08 - Colorado Kite Force is Mobile!
We have done away with our store, and are brining our lessons to you! Contact us to set up a lesson today! Our online store is still open with our retail products.

3/27/08 - Therapy Sessions Video

Click here for video and here for an onsite video interview.

2/23/08 - 5th Annual snowkite event, Therapy Sessions
Click here for info:

12/29/07 - Ice conditions for Dillon Res have been tested
and were found to be 9"-11" thick with 1-4 inches of wind pack snow on top, within half mile of the Kite Park. The North side of the Res. near the Dam was not tested. This just Froze over this week so be cautious over the next week. Temps are currently sub zero, and the Ice should be getting stronger daily. Be careful out there!

11/16/07 - This year we have a new shop in Silverthorne!
This year we will also have overnight ski and board tuning for $20. Don't let the snow slow you down! Also available are board and ski rentals. check out the instruction.

11/15/07 ICE Conditions:
No snow to report we are off to a slow start but things can change in the blink on an eye. We'll keep you posted or please call 9970) 262-5734 for info.

1/7/07-  ICE Conditions:  
Anton and other members (Chris and Eric) of the Summit County Water Rescue team.  Tested the last spots of ice to freeze on the Dillon Revervoir.  It was foud to be 6" minimum with a maximum on some older spots to be 18" thick. We concluded that the ICE IS SAFE TO RIDE! All the way from one side to the other.  As always conditions change and hazards do exist out there so please be careful.
See you out there!  

- I know what your thinking!!!  "It's just got to be incredible up there with all that snow!"  Actually Denver and the foothill took it all.  We only received a few inches compared to a few feet.  However, we have been kiting regularly and conditions are slowly getting better.  The lake has a sheet of ice all the way across now it but it is VERY THIN in many areas and could potentially open back up.  So no downwinders yet unless you want to get cold and wet.

-  Still the snow is lacking due to warm weather but more is on the way!  However,  for those of you brave enough... an ice inspection was done on the south end of the reservoir.  It was found to be 5-6" thick in most of the area.  Definitely thick enough to ride!  But remember it is ice and conditions can change.  Also there is still a lot of open water so be careful and keep away from the edges.  See you out there!

At this time in 2005 we were kiting on the frozen surface of the Reservoir.  Not this year!  As of Friday 12/15 we are only about 25% locked up.  I would assume we will not be out on the ice until after the new year.  The snow however, is on it's way!!!!!!!!  Grooming has begun and we should have a good enough base after this weekend.  Lessons will be starting Monday 12/18.  And I'm sure you may see a kite or two before then.  Call or e-mail us if you have any questions.

Mark your Calendars!
Therapy Sessions Snowkiting Event – March 9-10-11, 2007
Dillon Reservoir. Summit County, Colorado.
The Fourth Annual Therapy Sessions snowkite event will be bigger and better than ever for 2007. It takes place at Lake Dillon in Summit County, Colorado, surrounded by world-class resorts like Breckenridge, Arapahoe Basin and Keystone and Copper Mountain. The central location of many other non-kiting related activities draws riders from around the country. It is visible from the highway 9 to Breckenridge and creates near traffic jams from all the gawkers that slow down or stop to check out the action. There will be small to large kickers, a spine and beginner to expert rails set up for those wanting to take freestyle to the next level. Riders and spectators get together at the end of the weekend to vote for prizes and trophies. Free entry, demos and beginner lessons for anyone wanting to participate. Don’t miss the BBQ, pumping tunes, swag and after-party. You can freeride in the park or take off out onto the lake to explore for miles. Downwinders from the Dam or an impromptu winduro race are some other possibilities.

12/9/06  DVD - 20/10 Snowkite movie release party
at Po'Boys 7pm.  Located at 620 Main St Frisco, CO.  Right next door to Chill night club. There will be lots of SWAG and giveaways.  Plus great Cajun Food and Drinks Available.  See you all there!

12/1/06  Winter is here! 
As of right now the conditions are still not kiteable.  We have a week base that is groomed to about 4 inches. Problem is we have grass that is about a foot high.  Snow fencing is in place around some rocky areas to provide deeper coverage. It is still snowing though and preparations are underway so with a little luck we will be kiting by next week.  The Reservoir itself is close to freezing with sub zero temps almost daily  So maybe by mid December we will be able to get out on the frozen surface.  We will do an inspection with Summit County water rescue to test the thickness of the ice after it has been frozen about 1 week.  Stay tuned!!!!
Mark your Calendars! 
2007 Therapy sessions will be March 9th,10th &11th. at the Sanitarium.  Dillon Reservoir, CO

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